Valentus Clinics

September 2009-September 2016

To Our Dear Clients, Supporters & Friends,

After working with hundreds of people over the past 7 years, and over 80% of our clients reporting progress with their symptoms and positive changes, Valentus Health Clinics closes its doors on September 30, 2016. We have thoroughly enjoyed serving you along with providing education and resources about the benefits of neurofeedback and other brain health technologies. It has been an amazing journey and our team of passionate caregivers and support staff have been the absolute best team of people one could hope to work with. We also must acknowledge our valued partners and technologies – without them, we could not have achieved such tremendous success with so many people.

We appreciate all the wonderful folks we've met on our journey, and we are excited and optimistic for the future. We believe that the focus on brain health and wellness is going to continue to grow and evolve, and we also believe that the many scientists, innovators and technologies that we will see emerging over the next few years will be incredible and exciting. One of the things we loved about neurofeedback, was its non-invasive nature. We've seen first hand that the brain and body have the wisdom to heal themselves with a little help, and as the world begins to understand and embrace that reality, the innovations will be even more spectacular.

We thank you for sharing this journey with us.

Wish you the best in brain health and wellness,

The Valentus Health Clinics Team